Upcoming Exhibits

My work will be shown in these upcoming spring exhibits. Unfortunately I entered Asparagus Bed into two shows and it was accepted in both. So now I have a small dilemma. Show listed first, then paintings.

April 1-May 1, 2011 Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg, VA. Juried by George Billis, owner George Billis Galleries in NYC and LA.

Asparagus Bed. Oil on canvas panel 24″x31″.

and Wild Blue Yonder. Acrylic on canvas panel, 14″x16″.

April 7-May 20, Dimensions 2011, Associated Artists, Winston-Salem, NC. Juried by Jerald Melberg, owner Jerald Melberg Gallery, Charlotte, NC.

Moss. Acrylic and Oil on canvas panel, 16″x20″.

April 1-May 7, Southworks Art Exhibition, Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation. Juried by Phaedra Siebert, curator at the Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock. She has curated shows for the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.

Oak. Oil on canvas, 12″x12″. (sold)

April 1- April 29, Rome Art Coterie National Exhibit. Juried by Michael Marling de Cuellar, Professor of Art at North Georgia College. Asparagus Bed.

April 16 – Avondale Arts Alliance, Art in the Afternoon, Avondale Estates, GA.

Spruce, oil on canvas 31″x24″.

Fence. Oil on canvas, 12″x12″.

Homage Aux Pommes. Acrylic on canvas panel, 16″x18″.

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6 Responses to Upcoming Exhibits

  1. can see how it would’ve been accepted twice ~ so beautiful. love these pieces, specially the second and last one.
    congrats 🙂

  2. Victoria says:

    Thanks so much Belinda – it’s a busy time!

  3. wow, quite a line-up! Beautiful work and congratulations!

  4. V says:

    Thanks Michelle, much appreciated.

  5. Helen says:

    Great news – congratulations!

  6. Victoria says:

    Thank you, Helen.

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