New paintings and a new climate

It’s hot here in Atlanta at the end of May. Upper 80’s, 90 degrees with no rain for the garden in the last two weeks or more. Friends have warned that the heat intensifies and continues until September. I lived here for twenty years without air conditioning, but after being away for almost fifteen, the southern climate is a shock. A good reason to keep as many trees around as possible.

Meanwhile, a couple of new paintings.

Study in Green. Oil on panel, 16″x20″ 2011

Arbor. Oil on canvas panel, 16″x14″ 2011.

Afternoon doldrums in the studio.

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4 Responses to New paintings and a new climate

  1. Nanc Jean says:

    I love the hot and spicy artwork that your climate encourages! Keep up the beautiful work!

  2. Helen says:

    Great paintings and those cats are not too shabby!

  3. V says:

    Thank you Helen!

  4. Eeli says:

    Great color combinations! I love you paintings!

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