Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College

The Decatur Fine Arts Exhibition at the Dana Fine Arts Building on the Agnes Scott campus, runs in tandem with the city’s annual Arts Festival from Memorial Day weekend to June 5th. Curated by Dalton Gallery’s director, Lisa Alembik, the show was juried by Flux Projects Executive Director Anne Dennington, ceramicist and instructor Rick Berman and artist/professor Gail Vogels. My painting ‘Green Tomatoes’ was chosen for inclusion in the show.

The opening last Tuesday evening was packed with the Decatur business community and city officials, and lavishly catered by local restaurants and breweries. Yesterday my sister and I visited the exhibit before we hit the now huge (and hot!) outdoor arts festival on the square.

I especially liked the space, designed in 1965 by John Portman, the Atlanta based architect. While most of his work during this period is flashy and has been accused of lacking integration with its surroundings, this one succeeds. The building echoes the Gothic revival style of other structures on campus. Spread over four areas that flowed together, the artwork was spaced nicely to afford the eye some breathing room.

‘Green Tomatoes’, 40″x50″, oil on canvas. With my sister, Gina Webb, a writer here in Atlanta who has worked as a music critic, book editor and reviewer and now has her own blog.

If you go over to the exhibit, be sure to look for the two large gingko trees standing next to the parking lot in front of the building. They are exquisite specimens.

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8 Responses to Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College

  1. Congratulations! The painting looks great.

  2. Ian says:

    Your painting looks wonderful in this setting Victoria.

  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks Arn and Ian. It’s so nice to see the work in a great space.

  4. Terry says:

    Congratulations on Green Tomatoes, hope you are working on “Fried Green Tomatoes.”I’m so sorry I didn’t make the opening. It’s a fine place in every way to see art I think. I drive by Dana twice a week and it delights me every time.

  5. laura says:

    Lovely setting, your work looks great there! Congratulations 🙂

  6. V says:

    Thanks Terry – there’s always next year. I had never been in the gallery before, so it was a wonderful surprise. Yep, fried and golden.

    Laura, thanks!

  7. What a stunning gallery!!! Beautiful and breathtaking!

  8. V says:

    Thanks Jamie – Atlanta is full of architectural gems in unexpected settings.

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