Winter 2010, new paintings

I’ve started a new series of small works, the first of 2010 is based on a Walt Whitman poem, the title a phrase from his “One Hour to Madness and Joy” from his ‘Leaves of Grass’.  

‘O to drink the mystic deliria deeper than any other man!’…..  

Mystic Deliria, oil on canvas panel.  9″ x 12″, 2010. (sold)


and this is from an older small work begun last June and never finished.

Peonies and Roses. Oil on canvas panel 8″x10″, 2010. (sold)

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2 Responses to Winter 2010, new paintings

  1. moguesy says:

    love the color palette on Mystic Deliria!

  2. Victoria says:

    Thank you!- I’m fond of the contrasts.

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