The dazzling days and nights

A break in the cold weather and a few new paintings. The book ‘Neruda’s Garden, an Anthology of Odes’, poetry about nature and his odes to ordinary items informed the title for the painting below.

Incandescent Dusk. Oil on canvas panel 9″x12″, 2010. 

This next one is from my series of small works based on Walt Whitman poems, the title is a phrase from his poem“After the Dazzle of Day”. Painted after the big snow before the holidays. 

After the Dazzle of Day. 

After the dazzle of day is gone
Only the dark night shows to my eyes the stars;
After the clangor of organ majestic or chorus or
perfect band
Silent athwart my soul moves the symphony

Dazzle of Day. Oil on canvas panel 11″x14″ 2010.


This is from memory and my photo of the park in Montecastello, where I spent a month in an artist’s residency in 2007.

Montecastello Park. Oil on canvas panel 12″x9″, 2010.

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