Spring paintings

I took a couple of months earlier in the spring to complete a large commissioned painting and have just recently gotten back to other work. This painting was inspired by my first spring back in Atlanta after many years, along with the coloration of moss, snow and bark on a 150 year old live oak near my house.  It’s now housing any number of squirrels and one branch reaching over my patio area holds a nesting songbird.

Abbe’s Oak. Oil on canvas 37″x50″, 2011. Private Collection.

Working in a larger format was a liberating treat and as soon as that painting was finalized, I began another large one – this directly inspired by the Vega String Quartet’s March performance at  Emory and a program that included Beethoven’s commission by Count Razumovsky of Russia. I sketched the form of the painting on the program guide, during the last movement. You can read more here. I may try to show this in a summer exhibit on music and the arts at the Quinlan Arts Center.

Razumovsky Spring. Oil on canvas, 26″x40″, 2011.

Getting back into a smaller format again, with more on the way.

Bouquet in Red. Oil on canvas panel 14″x11″, 2011.

I was very happy to have won a second place cash prize for my painting ‘Moss’ in a recent exhibit in NC, curated by Jerald Melberg.

Moss. Oil and acrylic on canvas panel, 16″x20″, 2011.

The oak tree also helped evolve a small crisis when my young cat climbed 30 feet up it over the weekend… and then couldn’t get down again. After seven hours of coaxing to no avail, I found a gentle tree service person who brought her down via my extension ladder; the cat whisperer.

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  1. Helen says:

    Like everything….but especially the ‘stubborn’ kitten in the tree! Glad all ended well.

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