Reunion, Skater Aid and gardens

The reunion is with an older painting that had been stored in various homes for 20 years, a friend returned it last night. One of my favorites, it’s wonderful to have it back and I plan on hanging it in the living-room where it will span one entire wall.

Moonrise. Oil on canvas 51″ x 102″, 1990.

Skater Aid – a friend of mine is coordinating this worthy benefit and invited many artists to participate. I had the chance to see some hanging in the Beacon Hill Arts Center last weekend. The benefit auction comes up on September 25th, but all decks will be displayed at Decatur’s Brick Store Pub beginning August 28th . Mine is called ‘Blue Highway’. This photo was taken while it was in progress:


Gardening notes – My nose found a huge mound of white clematis paniculata climbing on an old fencepost bordering my yard, a fragrant and lovely sight in the heat and humidity of an Atlanta August. I hope it transplants well, I’m going to see if I can’t have it completely encircling the old cattle ranch barbed wire that passes for my fence here.

Tomatoes are ripening.

And the Buff Beauty rose prunings transplanted nicely in at least three different spots in the yard, hooray!


Salvia from my friend Casey is happy in the herb garden bed.

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