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My house-guest cancelled this weekend, so I’ve not been doing much except writing a grant, reading other artist/designer blogs and figuring out how to optimize my own site. Hopefully the All in One SEO pack will do the trick. 

I’ve found wonderful interviews with other artists on various sites. A few seem to have stumbled into the world of making art and are already making a living from online sales. A dream come true. 

We finally got some much needed rain – all day yesterday – from Hanna, so my garden is looking perky again. Today was ravishingly beautiful, the edge of fall.

I especially like late afternoon light in winter. This is the second floor hall landing, a shot from last year. One of my mother’s watercolors of a Maine stream is hanging on the wall, a friend’s ‘buddha’ painting is on the table.


another view with shadow.


I used to paint interiors, inspired by this kind of light.


and my renovated bathroom still needs painting….Ikea has the best hardware.


Ikea’s Jetson light. It has a soft glow that’s not overly bright.


the dogwoods are changing color already.


after our big rain yesterday, the Red Sails lettuce grew enough to pick for tonight’s salad!


morning light in early fall.

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  1. Caroline Allen says:

    I love that light too. And your garden looks lovely.

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