Fall means baking

my first sourdough in a very long time. You need to steam the oven for a good crust and I used a pizza stone to bake on. The starter can be bought probably anywhere, but I got mine in San Francisco when I lived there, apparently the dry mix lasts forever. Here’s a site that stocks it.

Final verdict? Almost as good as San Francisco’s Acme Bread!


more fun with almond biscotti…just because I missed Italy and am tired of fake, cakey versions. This is my favorite recipe from Gourmet that I’ve been using for years. I usually have to bake them a bit longer to get the perfect hard, crunchy texture. The pasta bowl is a traditional pattern from Deruta in Umbria. 


Cinnamon rolls with walnuts. Ok, so all I had were walnuts. Still easy and addictive.

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