Decatur Spring Garden Tour, Saturday

It was the perfect spring weekend for attending the Decatur Garden Tour, an annual event in its 23rd year. The ticket included both days and a saturday evening twilight tour and entertainment at Rose Hill Garden. On saturday and sunday I wandered through eleven of the thirteen gardens on the list, in the heart of Decatur near historic Oakhurst. Volunteer to help host the garden tour, and get in free for both days, with a mere 2.5 hrs of your time devoted to the event. More photos posted on their Facebook page.

One of my favorite gardens was the first I visited, on Adams St. A walkway took us meandering through the plantings, where garden sculptures and birdhouses had been strategically placed to add interest.

A charming interlude under the trees for petit dejeuner or cocktail hour.

Confederate Jasmine winding around the deck posts.

The first deck level is perfect for summer dinners overlooking the gardens.

The screened in porch- three levels up at the top of the deck- was a big hit, its airiness enhanced by dark wood and ceiling fans. It reminded me a lot of Balinese open villas, the Javanese batik covered farm table adding to the atmosphere.

A unique display area for the owner’s mother’s collection of antique cast iron pieces.

The garden on Greenwood Place had an old cast iron aqua tub planted as a lily pond.

This is reputed to be the original stone wall to the Dutch Colonial home, surrounding another of the gardens on Greenwood Place.

A neighbor who prefers vintage transportation.

In the shady gardens on Ansley Street was a native Magnolia Macrophylla with giant leaves, and just beginning to bloom. Spectacular!

The last on my tour for Saturday was a new structure and just planted gardens near the bustling East Lake business district, where the owner could walk to grab a cappuccino and bring it back to sip in her own backyard. This spacious Prairie styled home was built by its owner Arlene Dean, who has a building and renovation company based in the neighborhood. The Decatur based architect was Eric Rawlings, who is on Dean’s team.

The metal strip around the eight foot privacy fence has a purpose; to keep two roaming cats from going beyond the property boundaries.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s post with more exceptional garden spaces.

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5 Responses to Decatur Spring Garden Tour, Saturday

  1. timothy says:

    Great photos and a wonderful tour of gardens. Many of the owners where so very welcoming to their homes and gardens. Thanks to all I had the joy of meeting, and sharing your knowledge of gardening.

  2. Ali Hossaini says:

    What a lush & beautiful region! I think your comparison with Balie is apt, as Georgia reminds me of tropical regions I have visited. Spring has only started for me. I live in the northeast, and my ferns are only 6 inches tall.

  3. V says:

    Ali, my note about Bali was in respect to one owner’s screened in porch and tablecloth. We still have cold winters, although some hardy palms will thrive here.

  4. laura says:

    beautiful tour, enjoyed the photos! Very lush and green, fascinating details.

  5. Ian says:

    Some wonderful gardens here, Victoria, making me realise how far I have to go with my own. I have the beginnings of an area like the very first photos with ferns, but they have been in less than a year and have a long way to go.

    I have big plans though, including an area with a jungly tropical feel that I’m really eager to get started on – bamboos, fatsia japonica, passion flower (if I can get it through the winter – just lost the one next to our deck this last winter)

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