Post Thanksgiving

Buddy the cat got the raw liver from my free range turkey (courtesy township/volunteer work) and gobbled it up. He then conked out for the rest of the day on my woodpile. This caught my eye today as I browsed the blog entries- functional and attractive, I could use one just like it. Lloyd Kahn always offers interesting structures and the following were lifted from his recent posts.

a 40 year old wheelbarrow, repurposed for hauling firewood.


Tiny 10’x10′ beach houses off the coast of England, for day trips. Pretty nifty.



free form earth structure from Colombia. You can see a gallery of this architect’s designs here.


I love these cob and straw houses. They’re warm and inviting and don’t cost much to build. More great shots here.


this fantastic place, a Disney world for grownup artists, is Peter’s Garden, off the coast of Spain. Built over the past 15 years by German artist Peter Buch.

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