New paintings and a salon for storytellers

A series of new fall paintings.

October. Oil on canvas panel 8″x10″ 2009. (sold)


November. Oil on canvas panel 8″x10″ 2009.


November II. Oil on canvas panel 8″x10″ 2009.

Last night I went over to a friend’s 1732 farmhouse for an evening of storytelling. I hung a few of my paintings in his diningroom and then we gathered in the parlor to listen to about a dozen people recite 5 minutes (timed) of often personal and hilarious stories. I wish I had the audio from some of these entertaining tales.

I hadn’t been aware of the storytelling phenomenon that seems to be sweeping the country, but I had known about poetry slams from my friend, musician and poet Kodac Harrison in Atlanta. He’s known in the city for single handedly reinvigorating the genre and holds a similar monthly open mic salon, Java Monkey Speaks at the coffee house in  Decatur.  

On my drive home last night, I heard excerpts from the Moth Story Slams  that piqued my interest.  An organization founded by another native Georgia poet, the not for profit has grown into a celebrity studded word of mouth event.

I’d recently been invited by a journalist acquaintance to attend the Brandywine Valley Writer‘s Group monthly meeting, and plan to go to their next one. I have nothing to contribute – except visual stimuli – but it’s inspiring and just plain fun to listen to these inventive and working writers.

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4 Responses to New paintings and a salon for storytellers

  1. Hi Victoria!
    The storytelling sounds fabulous, and I was amazed to read on that you know Kodac! I’m from Decatur and so of course I’ve heard him sing, didn’t realize he was doing poetry slams at the monkey tho. Will have to drag my hubby to check it out!
    Happy painting!

  2. Victoria says:

    Hi Stephanie, I’ve given out your Home Show info to a couple of friends and my sister. What a great idea to showcase artisans out of your home!

    Yes, Kodac is quite a fixture on the Decatur scene. Go grab some espresso and enjoy yourselves~

  3. Todd says:

    Vicki – love your fall paintings, I still miss the PA autumns, must be in my blood. Nice that you can integrate 1000 markets and your blog – seamless dreams!
    “green tomatoes” is fantastic, by the way…. inspiring, really.

  4. Victoria says:

    Thanks Todd- inspired that you find the work inspiring. The leaves are now all yellow, it’s like a Van Gogh madhouse.

    How about Beekman? He might want to tell his story at one of those slams…

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