Home for a painting

It’s rare that I see where my work ends up, but my most recent patron was kind enough to send me a photo from her Blackberry. Her living space is perfect for the painting and I’m happy to say that she’s pleased as well.

The piece was created from a trip to a remote cabin in the Tantalus mountain range of British Columbia, was exhibited at the Wayne Arts Center in 2007 and coincidentally curated by Mark Van Proyen, who taught a painting class I took at UC Berkeley, when I lived in San Francisco. Mark has written for Art in America, Artweek and other publications. Victoria Donohoe, arts critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer, cited my work in her review of the show.

Rubble Creek appears from springs that flow out of the Sphinx Glacier. I stood in Garibaldi Park on a cold, misty morning in May of 2006 and sketched the scene, then finished the painting in my studio here in the Brandywine Valley of Pennsylvania. I love painting the rugged terrain of British Columbia, whether mountains or islands off Vancouver Island.

When I was there just four years ago, the Sphinx glacier was very much in evidence from a short hike into the park. I wonder if it has melted, like so many of the northern glaciers. It is a gloriously beautiful spot.

This was my view from the front deck of my cabin. The Tantalus range is spectacular in all weather.

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2 Responses to Home for a painting

  1. Ali Hossaini says:

    What a lovely setting, both for making art and the exhibit thereof!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    How wonderful to get to see your work in its new home. It looks great.

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