fun with celebrities

ok, so Gore Vidal it’s not. But Go Fug Yourself is still pretty funny, written by a couple of out of work LA girls. Excerpt:

Clothes are always a statement about who you are, but when you live your life in front of a camera lens, that is writ much larger — what you wear is is a much bigger part of your image and your brand. That’s why we question a lot of it. It’s like, “Did you WANT the world to think you’re the movie star who makes dresses out of Hefty bags?”

I just discovered it from grazing around on Clotilde Dusoulier’s  Chocolate and Zucchini’s links. A great foodie site if you’re not already aware.

Tube-off; I no longer have my full range of satellite offerings, so I’ve resorted to watching Lovejoy. That would be Mr. Ian McShane of Deadwood to you non-PBS’rs. An erudite bloke with a yen for antiques. Possibly an acquired taste.

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