Avondale Holiday Tour of Homes

Avondale Estates has a holiday tour of homes every year. Before my hostess hours began on Sunday afternoon at one of the homes, I shot a few photos. This was my first year as volunteer member of the sponsoring Avondale Arts Alliance. Some of the historic homes were decked with impressive amounts of greenery and all offered a welcoming cheer to usher in the season.

6 Coventry Close had some of the best decorations. The artist owner showcased her vast collection of Christmas ornaments.

Antique furniture, lighting and gold tasselly things on the chairs.

A collection of antique Christmas cards.

Have you ever seen a pink hair roller tree? This one was in the powder-room.

What about a tree of Barbie dolls? There’s more.

Live entertainment!

71 Dartmouth is a lovely historic home.

The twinkling tree.

The only creche I saw during the tour.

An inviting family room.

Another Christmas tree!

Beautiful mantle.

A mini tree on the enclosed porch.

I used to have one of those cookie presses. Where is it?

I think this family owns a tree farm.

An addition to the original part of the house was added upstairs.

80 Dartmouth across the street. Only a couple of exterior shots since I went rogue with camera, but without a ticket; the volunteer here sent me away. No free lookie.

I loved the Della Robbia wreaths our California based Uncle Harry would send us every Christmas. I just never knew they were made by under privileged teenagers. He also sent big wooden boxes of chocolate covered dried apricots and nuts from Harry and David.

32 Wiltshire was built in 1926, it’s one of Avondale’s original homes.

A glittery backed pianist regaled us with carols.

10 Covington Road was my charge for a couple of hours. I stood on the landing upstairs and told people about the upholstered linen walls and original molding and woodwork. And the hand stained oak floors. My house is a shed in comparison…with a lot of paintings.

The owner bought the house as a foreclosure about a year ago. Since then, she’s renovated the kitchen, replaced all the lighting and refinished the floors.

A great collection of Nutcrackers.

Happy holidays to all!

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