Anne-Sophie Mutter at Emory’s Schwartz Center

The Mutter Virtuosi Tour 2014 – Anne Sophie Mutter with young students from her Foundation rocked Emory’s Schwartz Center last night, playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Mendelssohnn’s String Octet in E-flat Major, op. 20.

She began the performance with Sebastian Currier‘s “Ringtone Variations”, Roman Patkolo accompanying her on double bass. Mutter had commissioned the piece, which Currier dedicated to her. Resplendent in a sequined gold top, black clingy capris and a pair of impossibly high black patent stilettos, Mutter is the glam queen of classical music.

As one of the perks of being a volunteer usher, it was a special treat to see a beautiful harpsichord on stage being tuned before the audience arrived. Exquisitely played by Knut Johannessen, he has been touring with Mutter since 1999 and is founder and artistic leader of the Oslo Baroque Orchestra.

The audience rewarded Mutter and her young virtuosi with two standing ovations, they gave an absolutely electric performance.

Her Virtuosi tour can be found here.

Anne-Sophie Mutter playing Vivaldi.

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