Abrazo Atlanta: Argentine Tango

Last week my pal Arthur and I had the pleasure of seeing the Eduardo Tami Trio and Dancers at GA State, sponsored by their Center for Collaborative and International Arts (Cencia) program. Dr. Fernando Reati, Chair of Modern and Classical Languages at GA State, gave a fascinating introduction on tango’s origins as a dance form in the 19th century.

“All sources stress the influence of the African communities and their rhythms,  while the instruments and techniques brought in by European immigrants played a major role in its final definition, relating it to the Salon music styles to which Tango would contribute back at a later stage, when it became fashionable in early 20th century Paris.”

Tami’s trio has performed all over the world since forming in 2002.

Virtuoso flautist Eduardo Tami is from Buenos Aires and has a diverse musical background. He offered some background on the traditional dance form and put on a lively show. His current trio includes guitarist Sebastian Enriquez and pianist Leandro Marquesano.

Dancers Claudia Marziano and Toni Saganias, touring with the trio, were spectacular – we met them and the musicians at a lovely reception after the performance. Ms. Marziano teaches and dances in Buenos Aires and was as warm and engaging as she could be with strangers. My high school Latin doesn’t translate well to Spanish and Mr. Saganias does not speak English or French – so I was unable to communicate with him other than to say muy bueno.

This was shot at another performance this year. It’s one of the more energetic numbers that the dancers ham up to the hilt.

A few of the works they chose for their Atlanta debut were originally composed by the great Astor Piazzolla.

Be sure to check out GA State, Agnes Scott and Emory University’s mostly FREE Arts events. Burnaway always posts an upcoming ‘to do’ list for the week.

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