The Barackulus effect

This is too much fun not to post. My sis sent me a blog called Obamafoodorama. You’ll get a kick out of the site. Once there, check out HIS recent trip to Ottawa and the cookie shop, Le Moulin de Provence.

Here’s a brief excerpt.

Located in ByWard Market, a quaint, old-school shopping centre that houses a collection of small crafts and antique shops, Ms. Gonzalez said that Le Moulin de Provence is already very well known in Ottawa. It was voted the number one bakery in 2008, and supplies all kinds of baked goods, from breads to cakes, to the province’s high-profile hotels.

Ms. Gonzalez said that of course everyone knew Barack was in town, but the cafe had no idea he might visit. And then Secret Service agents showed up. Yes, guys in dark glasses whispering in to their wrist mics is always a bit of a heads-up that Something Barack This Way Comes.

“It was a very big surprise,” Ms. Gonzalez said. “The security came in, and asked if it was okay to bring in the president. I said of course, and they walked around and checked everything. Then they told me I would have to walk him inside.”

“He said he was looking for Canadian cookies, and I showed him all our Canadian cookies,” she said. “He liked the maple leaf-shaped ones, it’s shortbread with a red glaze, and has ‘Canada’ written on top.” 

Ms. Gonzalez said Bam wanted three cookies, and eyeballed other baked goods, but he said that he’d just eaten a BeaverTail, so he didn’t buy anything else. Actually, Bam didn’t “buy” the maple leaf cookies, either; one of the perks of being a president who’s more popular than Jesus is that people don’t want you to pay for food. The maple leaf cookies are each $2.25/Canadian, which translates to about $1.79/American (that’s 4.18 cookies per week, for those doing Cookie Stim Cash calculations).

.…Just an obvious prediction: The maple leaf cookies will now always be ordered as “The Obama Cookies,” or “The Shortbarack Cookies,” and Le Moulin de Provence will have to increase their baking run for quite a while…which brings to mind that old saying: God bless America, and God help Canada put up with them!

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2 Responses to The Barackulus effect

  1. Gina says:

    Um, the President of the United States only bought three (3) cookies?

  2. Victoria says:

    …for the girls. Right. You know those SS guys pocketed a bunch for him.

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