farmers markets are bringing in summer fruits now. The Amish have the sweetest cantaloupes and the manager of the West Chester Growers market, Paul Hauser, has the most luscious peaches.


these are my own tomatoes. Cherry 100’s and a few heirlooms whose names I can’t remember. One is Arkansas Traveler. I pick them green and they ripen on the sunporch or inside where the bugs won’t devour them. The cherries are ripening on a daily basis on the vines.


and as you can see, I let them have their way in the garden. No weeding, no fertilizing, I offer freedom to spread.



If you look closely, you’ll be able to see a bumblebee and some other bees intent on these flower buds. I can’t remember what they are, but all the wasps love them too. Blue winged wasps –or at least this is what I think they are- seem to be having a great time out there swarming around all the nectar.


only one basil plant so no pesto this year, but a lot of nice salads and omelettes.

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