June paintings

New small paintings from the last couple of weeks. I made the panels myself by cutting up masonite and attaching the canvas. I much prefer this type of panel over the versions I’d been using, simply because they’re a little more rigid and sturdy.

These all derive from a much larger painting that was scarred beyond repair, from my relocations for jobs, back and forth across the country. I find it liberating to paint over the original work, and the previous color and composition inform much of the new paintings. 

All are 9″x12″, available either here (my EShop) or in my Etsy and 1000 Markets shops.

Deep Blue


These are the Days





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  1. Marilyn says:

    So glad you visited my blog. WOW… I really like your blog & love your paintings!! I especially like Deep Blue. It looks like a torrent of water….. JMO!!
    Stop by again… don’t be a stranger!!

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