Can Etsy save retail?

I recently began selling my own paintings on Etsy. Smaller works, smaller pricing. Here’s Rob Kalin, the founder, talking about his philosophies on sustainability and micro systems of commerce. ‘Millions of local living economies’…

Percentages are better on Etsy than QVC‘s last couple of years. And people are beginning to realize the high hidden costs of low cost product mostly coming from China and SE Asia.

Etsy’s December stats: 

  • $12.9  million of goods were sold —  a 20% increase over November.
  • That represents  815,327  items sold, a 13.4% increase from November’s stats.
  • 1,098,644  new items were listed, down from 1,143,942 items last month, a 4% decrease.
  • 164,789  new members joined the Etsy community — a 22% increase.  That number included 19,481 new sellers.
  •  410,365,372  page views were recorded on the site, essentially the same number as November.

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