Cabin fever paintings

The Y has been closed all week, no lap swimming. The roads have been too icy to drive and almost everyone in Atlanta has had the week off, including city leaders – City Halls are closed, no mail delivery, no garbage pickup. Anyone would think we’d had 30″ of snow. Nope, only three.

I’m about as antsy now as a kitten with worms. Painting, painting, more painting. Oh, and caulking the bathtub, what a joy that was. Walks on slippery ice with neighbors and one longer 2 miler today in an effort to get the old heart going. I still could have swum another mile. Lung power, baby – it’s where it’s at.

Some finished, some in progress…all from the past week and a half.

Untitled. Oil on canvas panel, 12″x12″ 2011.

Avondale in Snow. Oil on canvas panel, 12″x12″, 2011.

Allegro Molto. Oil on canvas panel, 12″x12″, 2011.

Fence. Oil on canvas panel, 12″x12″, 2011.

Next winter I’ll buy a woodstove just in case the power goes out in another ice storm. Not going to risk those brand new copper pipes. Jotul’s smallest is the one I have my eye on. And a few bags of rock salt for the roads.

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4 Responses to Cabin fever paintings

  1. Ali Hossaini says:

    Looks like you’ve put your excess energy to good use. The paintings are beautiful!

  2. V says:

    Thanks, Ali – that first one isn’t yet finished.

  3. Helen says:

    These are wonderful. I am not too familiar with your previous work – but somehow it seems to me you are using more color.

  4. Victoria says:

    Thanks Helen – I’ve always been into high chroma, but some of my ‘snow’ paintings are more about tonal values.

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