Sweet home Atlanta

Finally moved back into my historic 1940’s bungalow bought in 1987 that’s just east of Decatur, GA in Avondale Estates, a 1924 model city inspired by a native’s trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, Will Shakespeare’s old stomping grounds. PA house settlement was delayed by 10 days, showing how backed up the mortgage industry is at the moment. All is good, I expect that gift card, bottle of wine and check any day now.

First impressions- the 150 yr old oak tree keeps the whole yard cool and the house uses less energy because of all the trees around it. The solid wood cabinetry in kitchen can’t be matched today – although I may replace the green formica countertops. And switch any leftover galvanized pipes to copper, + repair windows before winter comes. No screens left on any of them – were all my tenants taking them with?

The garden is non-existent and now mostly shaded after 14 years of tree growth, but two hardy antique roses survived. A white climber and a musk rose that I loved for its scent. A lot of work ahead. I’m looking forward to my newest role as artist at large and rediscovering what Atlanta has to offer. The best news is an espresso bar, pizza place and pastry shop within walking distance. Oh my.

Road trip photo- view from my motel room at the historic Village Inn outside Harrisonburg, VA. Pool worth a visit, but only if divider rope is removed.

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2 Responses to Sweet home Atlanta

  1. betsybensen says:

    victoria, please post more photos of your home, I’d love to see that tree too! When you have time of course, and I wouldn’t want to drag you away from that pastry shop!

  2. V says:

    Hi Betsy – it’s a wonderful tree and there are also pecan trees on the property that the squirrels certainly enjoy! I hope to have some visual updates soon, thanks for your note.

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