A last summer in Pennsylvania, apologies to Gary Snyder

My beautiful gardens, the last apple tree and twilights drilled by cicadas and frogs.

July steam that doesn’t end at dusk. Chiggers plague, or is it poison ivied ankles?

Another journey, leavings turn melancholy. Places change, memories shift, grasses grow wilder.

Paintings of shadow and light move on. And the black cat is nowhere to be seen.

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2 Responses to A last summer in Pennsylvania, apologies to Gary Snyder

  1. suzan says:

    beautifully put, vicki

    “…leavings turn melancholy, places change, memories shift, grasses grow wilder…”

    another journey, indeed.
    as the incredible string band sang:

    “may the longtime sun shine upon you
    all love surround you
    and the pure light within you
    guide your way on”

    it always takes courage, because change is hard. but change is GOOD. just wait and see. AMAZING things await you!!!

    abbraccio forte xx

  2. V says:

    Grazie Suzan – I just started packing last night… some good news is that my rogue cherry tomatoes are producing fruit and my one remaining apple tree has lovely little tart apples that go well with cheddar.

    Thanks for the String band sentiments and your ongoing support & love.

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