Heat wave paintings

New paintings from my garden series. 99 to 102 degrees this week. Today, a mere 88 and the first time I could stand to be out on the sun porch and paint. Monarda (scarlet bee balm) with trumpet daylilies, and a huge Mullein to rival the stalky succulents and Echium in Golden Gate Park. The radicchio is bolting, offering up tiny blue flowers to the bees.

Monarda. Acrylic on canvas panel, 12″x9″ 2010

Mullein. Acrylic on canvas panel 16″x14″ 2010.

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5 Responses to Heat wave paintings

  1. Helen says:

    your flowers look like they are staying perky and pretty even in the heat! Great paintings!

  2. V says:

    Thank you Helen. I can make them do whatever I want, can’t I?

  3. suzan says:

    hey vic, these paintings are gorgeous. wowww.. xo

  4. V says:

    Thanks Suzan – I’m digging the ease of using acrylics.

  5. Ali Hossaini says:

    You capture the intense heat with mastery! These would be great paintings to warm up a cold winter day.

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