Two designers

Selling my paintings online has offered exposure to a variety of artists, artisans and designers who are using the web as a similar tool. Two of those acquaintances are interior designers; Caitlin Creer of Salt Lake City, and Victoria Smith of San Francisco. I met Victoria through Etsy and Caitlin had posted about my work – I found her by chance last week, from a search on my work.

Both have blogs that focus on the challenges and joys of coordinating a home or space, and it’s great fun to review them for inspiration.

Caitlin Creer’s background is in art history and her keen eye for the elegance of chiaroscuro is seen in her choices of dark gray and pale whites. Her work is spare, yet relies on strong color. I’m taking a cue from what she did with her house to think about a remodel once I return to my own circa 1940 Atlanta bungalow. Some of her work is showcased below.

her house before a freshener of paint and new roof:


these were her designs for a charming outdoor wedding:


Victoria Smith is a San Francisco based ‘design junkie’, photographer and writer who also has a couple of shops on Etsy. A journalism major with an advanced arts degree in interior design, Smith’s blog SFGirlbybay, is so successful that guest bloggers are a regular feature. Arranged by category helps make it a bit less daunting to browse. She offers new product reviews, shopping tips and best of all, great eclectic choices for her readers. A few excerpts below.

photo display by guest post: Hindsvik.

lace fences – who knew? lace fence via jodeska.

vintage tea kettles from a guest post by Cathrineholm.

Bed from london with love.

An architect’s ‘shack’ in West Virginia, via cubeme.


Now all I need is someone to blog about a spiffy and cheap vehicle that will carry both my large paintings to galleries, and manure for my next garden. When it rains…. I’d known that Toyota had their recall for rusted out pickup frames going on, I just didn’t think my own ’97 perfectly fine running Tacoma would suddenly not pass inspection. So much for the mechanics I was using the past couple of years and no matter that I asked about frame rust. Apparently they didn’t try the finger pushed through metal test.

Yep, it’s about like this. I’m now shopping for a late model used car. I like these zippy things.

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  1. victoria says:

    thanks so much for featuring the blog!! 🙂

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