Fall painting

I haven’t gotten back to this one in a couple of weeks, so it may transform further. Thus, no title as yet. I’ve been consumed with finding a residency in Ireland for next year, getting the house in relatively stable shape for a possible spring sale, and the problems that ownership offers. Like a leaking water heater, overgrown forsythia blocking gutter downpipes and a yard gone wild.

My wonderful Swiss collector has reserved four more paintings, which may be a record sale. ‘Sedum’ a painting from 2005, made it to Sydney, Australia in record time – less than a week. And ‘Medi 1’ is in an exhibit opening in a couple of weeks, ‘A Woman’s Perspective’ at West Chester University.

Untitled, oil on canvas 19 3/4″ x 27 1/2″


Medi 1, oil on canvas 22″x30″ 2009.


Sedum, oil on canvas panel, 22″x30″  2005

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  1. Caroline says:

    Really enjoyed your work and blog! Kudos… a great job!

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