Flower paintings and early summer

June has been rainy and cool here in southeastern PA, and the peonies are sadly gone, although I have about 4 new paintings of them. My antique roses are now in full bloom and I’m still picking strawberries on a daily basis. The corn is 8″ high and my transplanted tomatoes are looking healthy and sturdy, thanks to the daily dosing of fish emulsion when they were babies. I hear heavy raindrops beginning again.

For some great tips on working with beneficial creatures and attracting them to your garden, see my notes on Maysie’s blog from our Mike McGrath seminar this week at Camphill Kimberton. He agreed that my swath of meadow is great for birds and bees so I’ve kept a part of it in the backyard. I notice more and more birds in my yard each spring, so I must be doing something right!

I don’t usually paint flowers, but was once more inspired by the blowsy, seductive peonies in early spring. All of the following paintings can be found both at 1000 Markets and my Etsy shop, except for the one immediately below, which has sold. I’m currently featured on two blogs for my YART sale promotion on Etsy, running through this weekend. The Seasonal Cottage has a nice feature up, and RavenX has been promoting Etsians since the sale began this past thursday.


slightly more representational…


I keep channeling Soutine.



my salad greens…no reason to go the farmers market anymore except for cheese and mushrooms.

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