Drawings and berry season

It’s strawberry season and the 50 plants have taken over two of my garden plots. That’s about 10′ x 30′ total. The asparagus and blueberries are competing for space and I’m too lazy to weed. So I go in there like an explorer, looking for hidden red berries under all the brush. Even the big black crows haven’t yet found them. The ticks landed on me just once so far. 

I have two types, one that fruits early and another everbearing that fruits later. Despite all the weeds, the plants are amazingly prolific and are huge in this, their third year. There is no comparison to store bought berries, or even other farmer’s berries. Mine are superb. Even with my still depleted palate- from last year’s ZPak for a flu that turned into pneumonia. Antiobiotics can keep you alive, but is it worth it with half your taste buds and sense of smell gone?

This morning was strawberry scones, this afternoon will be jam. The fridge is full of ripe berries waiting for processing of some kind. I have 3 paintings to finish but the garden could be another full time duty. 

In rummaging through my old sketchpads, I found these yellowing drawings and figured I’d better get them at least salvaged to digital memory before they completely decompose. Memories. I doubt I can draw this well anymore; it’s all about practice. I’m selling some in my shop on Etsy. They’d be better preserved through framing.


Bill B. with Ra, the cat – circa 1984.


Most of these were created in Marc Chatov’s studio in Atlanta during the early 1980’s. Smokey was a model who was relatively transient, but Marc brought him in off the street to pose for us. He was excellent at holding a steady pose and I have several other drawings of him.

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4 Responses to Drawings and berry season

  1. Ali Hossaini says:

    These are beautful drawings.the portraits of Smokey have a deep and distinctively Southern poignancy. I wonder what’s become of him.

  2. doris britt says:

    This is beautiful work …it should sell very well but I wonder how you can part with it, especially if you don’t do that type anymore. At least you have good digital images of it. I just wanted to say that your drawing skills are awesome….an old artist.

  3. Victoria says:

    Thanks Doris. I won’t part with the more personal work, but most really should be framed and under glass.
    Someone else can hopefully take better care than keeping them in newsprint sketchpads….

  4. Victoria says:

    Ali- thanks for your always poetic comments~

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