Painting to Mary Lou Williams, watching Marshall Ganz

This was once a failed painting, obliterated and now returned to life. Inspiration is spring and Atlanta born Mary Lou Williams’ 1974 ‘Zoning’ CD, on which are two pieces from her ‘Music for Peace’ mass, later called ‘Mary Lou’s Mass’. She’s a jazz pianist to rival none.

Medi I, homage to ML Williams. Oil on canvas 22″x30″.



Grit TV offered a Skype clip tonight featuring activist and public policy lecturer Marshall Ganz talking about community organizing and the politics of hope. In the spirit of Saul Alinsky, Ganz notes how marketing strategies over the past 40 years have replaced organizing strategies, rather than people mobilizing and linking together for a common cause. At least up until recently. He mentions transformational vision as the function of criticality, an understanding of the world’s pain, but also of hope and a vision of the world’s potential.

‘The politics of hope are much more demanding; they require development of our imaginative skills, taking responsibility and looking for opportunity and taking risks to act. That’s the environment we’re in right now.  ….We are in a fast moment now’.

GritTV courtesy of MeFeedia

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