Play your own thing

…is the title of the DVD ‘A Story of Jazz in Europe’. I’ve been watching a slew of these inspiring disks about jazz, generously bestowed on me by a friend who worked at Rainbow Media. This one featured unfamiliar (to me) European musicians who carry on the tradition of righteous creativity, unfettered by tradition or style -thus the title. I’ve known of Jan Garbarek forever, + Zawinul and Reinhardt, but I’m now obsessed with Joachim Kuhn, a German pianist whose work I’d love to be painting to. And Till Bronner, another young German trumpeter who also plays a mean flugelhorn.

It’s worth watching just to see Dexter Gordon walking through the streets of Copenhagen. The man doesn’t just walk, he bounces like a musical riff that demands to be heard. Too many more to mention, get the disk. 

Hard to find videos of the individual works online, but youtube does offer the trailer.


this kid schwings

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