Autumn and work in progress

I’ve been painting, but haven’t finalized much lately. These are all in progress, some more finished than others. I now have a replacement for my broken Julian easel, so have no excuse not to get back to fall color work.

the largest painting I’ve begun since April, most have been very small. This is about 20″x34″. I’m having a good time with the freedom of it. Not quite sure where it’s going. These abstracts always have something to do with nature, but are more like poetry in their notation. 


this is the last of the summer storm paintings. I wanted to try a turbulent sky but didn’t want anything overtly representational. 


again, I’m uploading this to show a work in progress. It’s in the first stages and will probably change radically. For the moment I like the freedom of the brushwork.

I read notes in my files from a solo exhibit 20 years ago. Another yard work series: ‘enjoyment of the space finally realized. Green, also solitude in nature and the bliss of that. Yard work is ironic because nothing is being done. No person around, humor is difficult’. The painting referred to was a single chaise lounge set in the middle of my then backyard in Atlanta. 


 I drove up to the Hudson Valley a couple of weekends ago for my friend Arnold’s exhibit at Shahinian Fine Art gallery. He’s a fantastic landscape painter and his show had a great turnout. We met at the residency in Montecastello last fall. Here are some pics of the opening and fall colors.

Arnold is in the black tee-


a wonderful building across the street.


traffic slowed to a crawl on my way up to Poughkeepsie.


the view from Nancy and Larry’s idyllic homestead. (Arnold’s brother & sister-in-law)


the house and barn/garage.

the old pot bellied stove works as design focus in the sideyard.


an old twin bed frame substitutes as a bean support. Wooden ladders work too.


the horse pasture next door. 


the grandkids.

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3 Responses to Autumn and work in progress

  1. Gina says:

    I love these paintings. I want these paintings. Bravo.

  2. Arnold says:

    I like these very much. As you work larger have you tried different
    application techniques, such as a knife, rags etc.
    I like where you are going.


  3. Victoria says:

    A-I use a palette knife much of the time, in addition to brushes. Thanks.

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